What to Do When Someone Gets Hurt at Your Home


How to Protect Yourself from Liability

Homeowners do not often think about the possibility of someone suing them because they were injured on their property. However, these types of lawsuits happen all of the time. Whether it is a slip and fall accident, an injury in the pool, or any other type of injury, there is a chance that someone many file a lawsuit. It could even happen with a family member or a friend, as they may not see any other recourse to get compensated for their injuries. Let’s look at what you need to do following an accident.

Get in touch with the insurance company

Investigate the accident

Consider working with an attorney or investigator if you feel there is the potential for fraud

Contact the Insurance Company

The first thing you need to do after someone has had an accident on your property is to get in touch with the insurance company. You need to let them know the details of the case, and that there could be a potential claim coming to them. Some insurance companies have a denial of coverage clause. If you knew about a potential claim and did not let them know in a certain timeframe, then some companies might actually deny coverage.

Investigate the Accident

What really happened? This is very important, especially if you did not see the accident happen. You have to know exactly what happened, how it occurred, where and why. Was there anything that the injured party could have or should have done to prevent the injury? Where does the fault lie? Was it a defect in the property that you should have noted and fixed? Take photos and video of the accident site, and talk to anyone who may have been a witness. If you have security cameras around your home, you can even review them to maybe get a better idea of what happened.

In some cases, you may actually find it advantageous to speak with an attorney about helping with the investigation of the case. This is generally only true in those cases where you have an idea that something is not right and that someone may be looking to file a fraudulent claim. You do not necessarily want to confront the person about this. However, it may be something that you want to pass on to the attorney and the insurance company. They can provide a deeper investigation to make sure that there are not any fraudulent claims.

Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance

As a homeowner, you know that you need to have insurance for your property to keep it protected. However, you may not have known how important it is to have comprehensive personal liability coverage that will cover you from claims that come from accidents that happen on the property. This liability policy is common for many homeowners’ insurance policies, but you will want to know exactly what yours states.

In addition, you need to make sure that you have home medical insurance to cover the medical expenses for any injuries that occur on your property. This coverage will have a limit per person and accident. Make sure you know how much coverage you have.

Are you worried that you might not have enough coverage? Do you worry that you could lose your home if someone were injured on your property? It’s time to put those fears aside. Call us today and we can help you understand just what type of insurance you need in order to be safe and covered in the event of an injury on your property.