Before you buy a policy, keep these seven things in mind

Planning to buy a car soon? If you haven’t already, you’ll probably do a lot of research to find a great vehicle that meets all of your needs. Then you’ll start looking at dealers in your area to see if they have what you’re looking for in your price range.

But will you do the same amount of homework when shopping for car insurance? If you want to save money and be protected, you will. Before you decide on a policy, here are some important things to remember:

It pays to shop around

It can be very easy to go with the same company you’ve had for a while, or perhaps the one a friend or family member uses, but this isn’t always the wisest decision. You’ll never know how much money you can save if you don’t review your options, which you should do on a regular basis.

You may want to think safety first

If your new auto comes with certain safety features and an alarm system, it’s possible your premiums will be lower. You may not have to spend as much if you take a defensive driving class. Basically anything that keeps you and your car safe can have an impact on your payments.

Bundle up

Going with the same insurance company for different polices, like home and auto for example, can save you a significant amount of money when bundled. It’s important that all of your policies give you the coverage you need.

Installment plans will cost you

It may be nice to have smaller payments spread out over the year, but you’ll probably be charged an additional fee to do this. It will be much more cost-effective to pay for your policy in one or two lump sums.

Will you be using for car for work?

This new car may be your only vehicle, but if you’ll also be using it for work purposes – such as through a ride-sharing company – you need to make sure your policy covers this. You may end up needing a commercial auto policy as well.

Discounts may be available

It’s possible that the company you work for has a deal with an insurance company and you could get a discount. Certain colleges also work with insurers to make policies more affordable for students. It never hurts to ask to find out what’s available.

You may not need the same coverage down the road

When driving home in a beautiful new car, you of course want to keep it as well-protected as possible with the best insurance coverage. But fast forward a few years, and it may not be worth it. Because cars depreciate in value so quickly, you’ll have to decide if or when to eventually drop collision or comprehensive coverage.

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