In your quest to experience new cultures, there are some key tips and tricks we

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The ability to hop on a flight and be anywhere in the world has to be one of the greatest technological advances of the 20th century. Prior to the development of commercial airlines, we could only experience countries like China and New Zealand through photographs and second-hand tales; unless you were willing to hop on a ship for an extended period of time. Now, countries that are rich in culture are just a mouse-click and some hours away, no matter the distance.

However, traveling abroad can be a daunting task. You are entering a world of unfamiliar societal norms and perhaps a foreign language or two that you won’t understand. So, what’s a daring traveler like yourself to do when visiting new lands? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Scan your passport and other travel documents

Losing items on any trip is sort of par for the course as far as seasoned travelers go. Phone chargers. Jewelry. The novel that was just getting good. Your personal belongings, especially the smaller objects, can easily get lost along the way. However, by far the worst and one of the most common items to lose is your passport. Without this all-important travel pass, you can find yourself grounded in a foreign country until a new passport arrives. That can take anywhere between eight business days and six weeks!

Having a physical copy of your passport, visas and the like is great if you find yourself in a pinch. However, we would still recommend emailing those scanned documents to yourself or uploading them to a cloud-based drive. That way, you will be covered no matter what. Armed with these digital copies, you will have a much easier time replacing your passport at the nearest U.S. embassy.

Familiarize yourself with local cultural norms

What may seem completely normal to you may have an entirely different meaning in another country. For instance, tipping a waiter or waitress in some Asian countries will be more likely to earn you a look of offense than a smile. Not to mention that appropriate levels of personal space differ from region to region. Some travelers learn about these cultural differences the hard way, but we recommend taking a preemptive strike and checking out a travel guide beforehand.

Get traveler’s insurance

The problem with accidents is that they can happen at any time and any place. That’s exactly why the vast majority have insurance in the first place. Does your current insurance plan cover you abroad? Before you leave the country, it’s important to check your policy details or speak with your insurance agent about your coverage. Enrolling in a solid traveler’s insurance plan leaves one less thing to worry