It may be cold in the rest of country, but many people in Florida are still enjoying their weekend joyrides through the ocean on their boats. Cruising on a boat may be fun, but having your boat stolen most certainly is not. That’s where boat insurance can help.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently released their ForeCAST report regarding 2012 boat thefts. There were a total of 5,870 watercraft thefts in the US, with only approximately 39% being recovered. Florida led with the most thefts at 1,408, about 24% of the US total.

Here’s a list of the top 5 most stolen boat types.
5. Sailboat
Thefts: 42
Recoveries: 22
Recovery Rate: 52%
4. Cruiser
Thefts: 251
Recoveries: 118
Recovery Rate: 47%
3. Utility
Thefts: 360
Recoveries: 126
Recovery Rate: 35%
2. Runabout
Thefts: 937
Recoveries: 445
Recovery Rate: 47%
1. Jet Ski
Thefts: 1,373
Recoveries: 462
Recovery Rate: 34%
Thinking of getting a watercraft? It’s important to make sure you have great boat insurance in the case of theft or an accident.
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