Top 10 Most Stolen Motorcycles


Picture yourself pulling up to that restaurant you’ve been dying to try in a brand new motorcycle. Now picture yourself walking out and realizing your motorcycle is gone. Unfortunately, it’s not always something you can avoid. Fortunately, having motorcycle insurance can help.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently released their ForeCAST report regarding 2012 motorcycle thefts. There were a total of 46,061 motorcycle thefts in the US in 2012, with thefts occurring more frequently in warmer months. California had the most thefts with a total of 6,082 (13% of total thefts), with Florida right behind at 4,110 (9% of total thefts).

Of the 46,041 thefts in 2012, there were a total of 548 motorcycle makes identified. Here’s a list of the top 10 most stolen.

10. Ducati

Thefts: 329

Percent of Total Thefts: 1%

9. Bashan

Thefts: 383

Percent of Total Thefts: 1%

8. KTM
Thefts: 442

Percent of Total Thefts: 1%

7. Kymco
Thefts: 496
Percent of Total Thefts: 1%

6. Taotao
Thefts: 914
Percent of Total Thefts: 2%

5. Harley Davidson
Thefts: 3,755

Percent of Total Thefts: 8%

4. Kawasaki

Thefts: 4839

Percent of Total Thefts: 11%

3. Suzuki
Thefts: 7,017

Percent of Total Thefts: 15%

2. Yamaha

Thefts: 7,517

Percent of Total Thefts: 16%

1. Honda
Thefts: 9,082
Percent of Total Thefts: 20%

While you can’t always avoid theft, you can make it better with a great insurance company. Having motorcycle insurance will not only protect you in the case of theft, but also in the event of an accident.

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