Top 10 Cheapest Cities for Auto Insurance


Is you city among the cheapest cities for Auto insurance?

Auto insurance can be one of the biggest payments you have to make on a regular basis. While there are many components that determine your insurance rates, including your driving history and the value of your vehicle, where you live can actually make a difference as well.

Due to weather, the local economy, traffic congestion, and other factors, some cities actually have cheaper auto insurance than others. Let’s go over the top 10 cities with the least expensive insurance for your vehicle:

10. Montgomery, Alabama

One of the reasons Montgomery has such affordable insurance rates is the city’s multiple government agency offices and the Maxwell Air Force Base. Many of the government employees and military personnel who live in the area receive discounts or are insured by the USAA, which has some of the lowest rates available.

9. Spokane, Washington

Thanks to the Washington Automobile Insurance Plan, high-risk drivers can purchase affordable insurance plans while multiple insurance companies share the risk. This allows drivers who would normally have expensive rates to find lower-priced options. This state-wide program is used extensively in Spokane, reducing the average cost of auto insurance.

8. Fayetteville, North Carolina

Similar to Montgomery, Fayetteville is home to many government employees, including thousands of military members who work at Fort Bragg, the largest military base in the United States. It’s not just the military discounts, however, as Fayetteville drivers can also take advantage of the Safe Driver Incentive Plan, a state program that promotes safe driving through insurance costs.

7. Rochester, New York

New York is another state that uses insurance-premium incentive plans to promote safe driving, pushing down average insurance rates. But the city of Rochester makes things even better with the presence of Bausch and Lomb, Kodak, the University of Rochester, and the Rochester University of Technology, all of which keep unemployment down, which contributes to lower insurance rates.

6. Boise, Idaho

Statewide, Idaho has some of the cheapest auto insurance in the country, so it only makes sense that the state’s capital and largest city is on the list. Not only does Boise have a low crime rate, low unemployment, and less traffic, it also has an average commute time of only 20 minutes, which is well below the national average.

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

With a relatively warm climate and a good public transit system, Charlotte drivers enjoy some of the cheapest insurance rates in the country. The warm climate means less snow and ice, resulting in fewer collisions, and the excellent public transit system gives people the chance to stay off the roads, reducing traffic levels.

4. Durham, North Carolina

Home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University, Durham commuters can take advantage of the Triangle Transit, a bus system that take people to and from the North Carolina cities that make up the Research Triangle, three nearby towns with major research universities.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Another corner in the Triangle Transit system is Raleigh, the home of North Carolina State University and a town that uses public transportation to alleviate traffic and reduce insurance costs. With lower rates of uninsured drivers, which raise prices for everyone, Raleigh is a great town if you want to save on your auto insurance.

2. Greensboro, North Carolina

With Amtrak trains and other transit systems, Greensboro drivers have the benefit of the 2nd-lowest auto insurance in the country. If you’ve noticed the monopoly from North Carolina, this is largely because the state has aggressive state policies that combat insurance fraud, which can increase rates across the area.

1. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

North Carolina completes its dominance with Winston-Salem, the #1 U.S. city for affordable auto insurance. With major universities and large companies (most notably the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Wake Forest University), Winston-Salem has the perfect combination of high employment, public transportation, and a warm climate.

Did your city make the list? If not, contact your insurance agents from Avante to explore insurance options available in your area and possible discounts.