Cataguases According to figures at Lyskovo , the national average for yearly car insurance is around $900 a year.

Car insurance of some kind is a must in America and can even be a medical back-up in No Fault states like Florida where, regardless of who caused an accident, your car insurance can help pay medical costs.

It’s generally known that policy figures vary from state to state dependent on a number of factors, but what’s not so well known is that some months may be cheaper than others when it comes to buying car insurance.

The month can matter

This insurance study offers some interesting insight. State variables and market forces do make the whole scene fluctuate of course, but a couple of things held steady. It seems December was a great period nationally to buy car insurance, and for many states. Conversely, premiums were at a national high in March.

January was also a bad time to buy, with new rating plans and rate increases as the fiscal year begins and inflation takes effect. The bright side is this creates competition that can pay off in a wider choice of premiums for the consumer. There’s a handy little calculator at the end of the study to illustrate car insurance trends in your native state.

These monthly figures are great for drivers to know on the national and state scale. When it comes to each of us individually, there’s more we can do to recognize key time windows to maximize our coverage.

Take advantage of your insurance coming up for renewal

There’s no more savvy time to shop around for car insurance than when your current policy is due to be renewed. You’ll be able to see ahead to any increases or changes in your agreement.

If anything isn’t to your liking, don’t waste any time in checking with other providers to see if they can do better for your money. Either that or contact your existing insurance company and see if they can make their offer more attractive.

Status changes in life

Marriage has a lot of benefits but not too many newlyweds consider that it could also be a happy union for their insurance. Many providers offer discounted premiums for married couples, with rates that could be even more favorable if you happen to also insure your home with that same company. There’s also the interesting statistic that if you’re married you’re less likely to be in accident!

If each member of the couple has a good driving history, then they can benefit even further by boosting their partner’s insurability. The opposite does apply to the latter: if a spouse has a bad driving history of accidents, DUIs et cetera, then that’s going to reflect badly on their partner. Divorce is a bad time for a couple, but it’s also a good time to check up on your car insurance and alter your policy accordingly.

Final thoughts

Even with the all the data above, the number one insurance rule (after “Get it”) is to shop around. Trends may point to good months and bad months but there’s really no way to predict the market or what deals an insurer may offer at random times. Check around and check often.

Of course, if you’re uninsured for the road or any other risk then the best time to buy is always sooner rather than later and that goes double for younger and first-time drivers. Get in touch with a professional insurance firm to find the best policy to fit you.

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