The present is digital, and threats are everywhere. We recently wrote about Cyber Liability Insurance, but even since then, it’s becoming more and more essential that businesses protect themselves and their electronic assets.
There’s a saying in cyber security that there are two types of companies: those who have been breached, and those who have been breached but don’t know it. We are now at a time when you can no longer ignore cyber threats. The world we live in is digital, and we’re only at the surface.

Today, it seems like cyber is all about breaches. This has been breached, that has been breached etc. In the next couple years, we should see a switch from the trend of cyber security as privacy and data security protection, to an all-encompassing cyber security that mirrors the property policies that businesses have in place today. The future of cyber liability won’t just protect privacy, it will protect against anything from stolen data to a computer damaged because  someone spilled their coffee.
The bottom line is that we see new threats each and every day. Today, it’s about breaches. Tomorrow, it could be more. Hackers may be able to cause more harm than just obtaining the personal details of everyone in a database. As hackers get more advanced, the protection against them needs to be more advanced as well.
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