A look at 2018’s most reasonable road rates

The road is a busy place in America. Last year we bought over 6 million new cars, adding more vehicles to a national total of over 269 million and climbing. It shows that plenty of us are looking to get behind the wheel. When we do, insuring the vehicle is a number one priority.

The latest available data by the Insurance Research Council shows that 1 in 8 drivers are uninsured. Sadly, the largest percentage of those were Floridians. Nobody likes expenses and we want to imagine the worst even less, but car insurance is there to help and can serve you well.

If you’re driving in Florida, the minimum requirement is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL). No insurance means risks including license and registration suspension, medical fees after an accident, traffic tickets, fines and increased future insurance premiums.

The national average for yearly car insurance is $866.31, with average Florida rates at $1440.84. We’ve compiled a list of vehicles for 2018 with attractive insurance prices. It’s important to note that the figures below are estimated annual premiums and that your individual rate of insurance will vary based on key factors. Always consult with an insurance professional for the best advice.

Number 1 – The Honda Odyssey LX

Honda’s impressive family minivan could save you hundreds of dollars on insurance rates. buy Pregabalin It carries a national yearly insurance tag of around $1,113. A large part of why such vehicles are cheaper to insure is due to the people who typically drive it. Family vehicles are usually driven by parents; adults who are assumed to be navigating the road with a greater degree of awareness.

It’s not just their own safety and those of their fellow drivers that’s of concern to them. They most likely will have children in the car which leads to cautious (and therefore more insurance-friendly) driving. Such vehicles are typically more robust, with the Odyssey’s safety features including a multi-angle rearview camera, blind spot information system, and 3D-map rendering.

Any younger passengers can be kept busy during the trip with video and audio features. If it sounds like the car for you, you can start customizing your own model and see how it looks.

Number 2 – The Jeep Renegade Sport

If you feel the family-type car is a little tame for you, the Jeep Renegade Sport may seem more energizing. It has a strong Millennial marketing angle and a 4X4 capability, with 160 HP and a 1.4L turbo engine. Sligo The model runs with an estimated average national premium of $1,138.

This model is a good insurance bet due to its tough build, so it doesn’t suffer from insurer frowns usually aimed at sportier vehicles. The hardier a vehicle, the less likely it is to be significantly damaged in an accident. The sturdier the parts, the more likely they are to go the distance before needing to be replaced. You can read more about the Renegade Sport in this expert review.

Number 3 – The Honda CR-V LX

This compact 5-seater SUV has some impressive reviews under its belt, and with an estimated annual premium of $1,170, it presents a tough act to follow. The model for 2018 remains largely unchanged from last year. The same generous cargo space and smooth handling are on offer along with good scoring on crash tests.

The last detail is what contributes most to it being a solid contender for lower premiums. You’ll also be saving money with a car that provides excellent fuel economy for its class. You can review further specs and optional features here.

Number 4 – The Ford Escape S

There’s no 2018 model yet for this car, but this 2017 from Ford carries itself well. Its yearly insurance tag sits at a national average of $1,194, while its many features and ease of repair parts could sway drivers on grounds of comfort and lower maintenance costs.

Updated interiors and exteriors, smooth handling and a host of user-friendly technology feature all contribute to a versatile and comfortable vehicle. The non-turbocharged option will save you most on your premiums, and with it not being a typical choice for consumers, getting your hands on one should be easier.

If you’re willing to pay a little more for your premiums to gain better fuel economy, experts recommend upgrading to one of the two higher engine options. You can take a look at this review and judge for yourself.

Number 5 – Nissan Frontier S King Cab

The pick-up isn’t going to suffer a lack of buyers anytime soon. Six and a half thousand are sold in America…and that’s every day! This wouldn’t be much of a list if we failed to acknowledge that kind of popularity.

This 2017 entry from Nissan averages around $1,204 in annual premiums. The sheer numbers in which these vehicles are bought has lowered repair and labor costs, which in turn spells good news for its insurance rate.

It scores fairly with consumers overall but does sacrifice some of the fuel economy and onboard tech of other vehicles on the list. Its annual average premium is still below the Florida norm, however.

Many of the cars on our list aren’t the least expensive to buy, but once purchased can provide some of the lowest insurance rates around. These models are mostly family cars due to the strong driver profiles created by parents. Ease of repair and fuel economy also come into play to give you the best chance at on the road savings.

As we said, your car insurance will depend on factors from age and gender to driving history and medical conditions. The surest way to get the most suitable premium is to speak to a qualified insurance provider. Whenever you’re ready, we’d be happy to help.

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