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4 Things You Must Include When Training New Hires


4 Things You Must Include When Training New Hires on avanteinsurance.com

Building a firm foundation from day one

The first day on any new job is nerve-wracking for all parties. The new hires can easily feel overwhelmed and anxious in their new territory, and the leadership team can be just as jittery in getting things off to a positive and successful start.

A major ingredient to ensuring success for new hires and the firm is to create a new hire training program that is not only welcoming, but is also one that covers all of the bases to prevent any future costs and legal obstacles.

According to Forbes, “real training is a learning process that must encompass both the how and the why.” Here, then, are a few suggestions to make sure new employees and the company all start day one on the right foot.

1. Things to do before the first day

The welcome mat for new employees should actually be set out before they set foot in the office. It’s perfectly acceptable to send out a “Welcome” package of information to the new employees –information that can help ease day 1 anxiety. It can include:

 • An idea of what they can expect during their first few days.

• A list of items/information they should bring with them or provide before the first day.

• An idea of what to do for the most important part of day one: lunch. Should they bring their own lunch? Will lunch be provided? What are the names of some nearby food outlets?

• Definitely include a signed welcome letter from the CEO. Making day one more personal.

• ill provide value later on.

• Speaking of keeping things personal, it’s a good idea to set up the new hires’ workspace with office supply essentials. Less time hunting for supplies will leave more time for training.

2. Cultural integration

This is an opportunity to help new hires understand their place in the history of the company. Things to include here are:

• A review of the company’s vision and mission statements and company values.

• A look at the company’s code of ethics so that all players are aware of expectations.

• Perhaps share the company’s organizational chart so employees are better aware of their roles and responsibilities and of their place within the total company, and have a better understanding of the leadership team.

• This might also be a good opportunity to outreach to some of strong positive employees to play a role in the new hire training.

3. Policies

While cultural interpretation may be the heart of the training, the policies are the soul. As dry as it may be, a clear and definitive presentation here can offset any potential liabilities. Topics to include are:

 • Health and safety precautions

• Information security

• Attendance and leave

• Compensation and benefits

• Required training, depending on responsibilities

• New hire paperwork, routing numbers for direct deposit, etc.

Harassment, discrimination, EEOC, and confidentiality

• Conduct

• Procedures for filing complaints

• Termination procedures

4. Follow-up

Most training falls apart after day one because new employees are often set free to walk about the company with little or no follow-up.

In the first weeks, it’s imperative to set up informal meetings in order to check-in with the new hires, to answer any questions and/or address concerns, and to listen. Information gathered in these conversations may assist in adjusting or amending future trainings.

Developing a comprehensive new hire program

Among the many solutions provided by Avante is commercial insurance, including policies meant to address employment practices. If you would like to review your current policy, or need assistance in developing a comprehensive new hire training program, contact our experts today at 305-648-7070 or complete our online form.