Sinkholes Continue Causing Problems in Florida

Sinkholes are large holes that open up when soil collapses as a result of flowing water in underground limestone. They can be anywhere including under homes or streets and are often dangerous and damaging, with some sinkholes swallowing up full homes.

The soil in Florida sits on top of clay and limestone, and as time goes by, cracks develop and the soil will descend. Heavy rain causes cracks to grow and Florida is the most sinkhole-prone state in the country, and while sometimes homeowners receive clues that they may have a sinkhole, it usually comes as a surprise. Sinkholes can sometimes be fixed by pumping thick grout into the holes in the ground, but sometimes the damage is too drastic to be worth fixing.
Sinkholes become an even bigger problem after spurts of heavy rainfall, a common occurrence in Florida. If you notice changes in your landscape like slanting or sagging trees and fence posts, newly formed ponds where water never collected before, cracks in the foundation of your home or business, shifting floors in your building, or doors and windows that aren’t closing properly, you could have a sinkhole.
Lurking sinkholes usually come as a surprise to those who must deal with them, so it’s important to make sure you’re properly covered in the event of a problem. You don’t want to learn too late that you’re not covered, so get the facts and learn about your options. To learn more about coverage or get a quote today, click here.