What Seasonal Business Insurance Offers Small Businesses


This unique solution may be just what your small business needs

Whether you’re the owner of a small business that relies on a strong season to carry you through the rest of the year or a seasonal business that only operates during certain seasons, you should consider the benefits of protecting your investment with insurance. All small businesses need insurance that provides coverage against liability, damage or loss of inventory, protection for your commercial property and even your employees. But what about protection against losses in the event that your season didn’t go as well as it normally does? If you’ve never heard of it, or haven’t considered it yet, now is the time to find out more about seasonal business insurance and how it can benefit you.

What is seasonal business insurance?

Seasonal business insurance is just what is sounds like—coverage for your business against liability and losses that may occur during the operation of your business. So whether you own a flower shop that counts on huge sales for Mother’s Day (one of the biggest day for flowers in the US, by the way) or run a pumpkin patch every October, a seasonal policy could be a great product for you.

What’s covered?

  • • Weak season losses

While many business owners will tell you that they have busy seasons and slower ones, some businesses rely heavily on seasons. Summer camps, jewelry stores, flower shops and other small businesses make a large chunk of their sales during certain seasons, but what happens when something causes the season to be flat? Seasonal business insurance provides coverage for a significant loss of income when this happens and provides your company with the funds needed to keep your doors open.

  • • Liabilities, losses and injuries

Halloween stores, Christmas tree lots, fireworks stands and pumpkin patches are businesses that usually only operate during certain times of the year. But just because they’re only operating for a few weeks or a month or two does not mean they don’t need coverage.

Accidents onsite, injuries and other events can still result in business owners being held liable for damages, and that’s where seasonal business insurance comes in. The policies are generally priced reasonably so that the premiums are not too high—a much better alternative to being sued for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • •  Property and employees
A seasonal policy can cover your company’s equipment, inventory and supplies if something were to happen that would do damage or destruction. It can also include worker’s compensation and health coverage to protect your employees against injuries and illness.

Does your business need seasonal insurance?

Many small businesses do fine with their business owner’s policy or their general liability insurance. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should have a seasonal business policy, here’s what to consider before deciding:


  • Your company depends on income during a certain season to carry your business through most of the year
  • Your business is dependent on certain weather conditions (summer camp, ski resorts, etc.)
  • You are only operating your business during certain times of the year (holiday stores, fireworks, Christmas trees, pumpkin patch, etc.)

While it may seem like running a small business has many risks, the good news is that there are many choices when it comes to insurance solutions that can and will protect you. After reading this, if you feel you may need seasonal business insurance or any other business policy, give us a call and we can guide you to the right products.