What New Drivers Need to Know About Car Insurance3


The keys to freedom come with responsibility, as a new driver, are you prepared?

For new Florida drivers, getting a license and their first vehicle is the key to freedom. There’s nothing like getting out on the road and being able to go where you want when you want. However, driving also carries a substantial amount of responsibility. In order to drive, you need to have insurance, but many new drivers and even their parents aren’t exactly sure about the requirements, types of auto insurance and how much coverage will work best for them.

What Do New Drives Need?

Florida state law requires residents who own a vehicle to have insurance. They must carry at least the minimums for property damage liability as well as personal injury protection. The state actually has relatively low insurance coverage minimums when compared with the rest of the country. The minimum limits in Florida for coverage are $10,000 of no fault or personal injury protection coverage and $10,000 of property damage liability.

Personal injury protection insurance will cover medical expenses and income loss that occurs because of a car accident. It will also cover your children as well as other people in the household. The insurance will actually also cover your child while he or she is riding the school bus as well as passengers in your vehicle that do not have their own personal injury protection and who don’t own a vehicle. In addition, it can provide coverage for you even when you are on a bicycle or you are a pedestrian and you are involved in a car accident.

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