Leaving Your Company at Risk for a Data Security Breach?


4 Tips to Keep your businesses information confidential

A look at the news today and you can see that companies of all sizes are becoming the victim of hacks and breaches. They happen with regularity, and it seems they are only getting worse. Sony and Microsoft are just two examples of giant companies that face these issues regularly. Smaller businesses, even though they might not have a large profile, are targeted by thieves and hackers as well. It’s very important to take action against this problem.

Think about how much damage a breach would do to your company. Your intellectual properties, your customer information and your financial information are at risk. A single breach would be enough to destroy many smaller companies. You don’t have to live in fear though. Let’s look at some of the best things you can do to avoid a data security breach so that your company does not become a victim.

Always Use a Strong Password

How much thought do you put into the passwords that you use at your business? Whether it is for your email, server access or anything else, you really do need to create high quality passwords, as this is one of the best defenses against security breaches. Require that any employees who have passwords on their emails and other data to have complex passwords that include things such as numbers, capital letters and the like. In addition to having strong passwords, it is also important to change them regularly. This way, if there is a breach, changing the password can prevent further damage. Changing the password at least once per quarter, or more often, is a good idea.

Have the Proper Security

It is important that you have proper security at your company. This goes for physical security and virtual security alike. You need to ensure that it’s not possible for unauthorized personnel to get to any information in your offices, and through your computers. It may require two types of security to accomplish this. A security guard or at least an alarm system will help to keep your premises safe. Working with an IT security team can help you keep your systems safer. Only allowing authorized personnel to access data, both online and offline, helps to keep the potential breaches to a minimum.

Apply the Patches and Updates

One of the biggest problems that many small businesses suffer from is the fact that they don’t always take proper care of the software and platforms they are using. Namely, when patches and updates to the systems come out, they don’t always apply them. This is a big mistake though, as the updates often help to fix gaps in security. Make sure that all of the employees using different instances of software are applying the patches and updates within a day or so of coming out. Alternatively, you can rely on the IT team to help with these matters.

Limit Employees Using Personal Devices for Work, or Regulate It

Today, many companies are allowing employees to use their own tablets and laptops for work, as it cuts down on the hardware costs for the company. However, unless you are able to regulate what the employees do with those devices, it opens you up to a higher potential for a security breach of some type. Training the employees to avoid certain types of security threats can help with this.

By addressing these common areas of breaches and issues within your company, it is possible to decrease the threats to your business. Put them into action today, contact Avante Insurance Agency to learn more tips on how to avoid a data security breach at your business.