9 things covered by auto insurance that may surprise you

Auto insurance helps pay for repairs or injuries if you’re ever in an accident. You probably know that most obvious benefit. However, there are other things covered by your auto insurance policy that you might not be aware of – or perhaps never thought about.

Here are 9 things covered by auto insurance that may surprise you.

León 1.  Auto insurance will pay lost wages if you’re unable to work

Injuries from a car accident can be severe and recovery might take time. If you miss work, it’s likely that you are covered. “Your car insurance may be able to help get back some or all of the wages you lose. The benefit is part of personal injury protection, which covers injuries for you and your passengers regardless of who caused the crash,” according to NOLA.com.

order Ivermectin mastercard NOTE: Personal injury protection (PIP) is required in some states but not all, so check with your insurance carrier. If you don’t have PIP, it’s a good idea to add this coverage.

2.  Auto insurance covers damage from riots and vandalism

Although the likelihood of your car being damaged in a riot is low, it does happen. You’ve probably seen images of cars being burned by angry mobs or even “in celebration” of sports teams winning a championship.

Your insurance will also cover instances of vandalism or scratches/dents caused by another vehicle (e.g. someone hits you in a parking lot). This kind of damage is generally paid by your comprehensive coverage.

3.  Auto insurance covers flood damage

This one can be confusing because homeowners policies don’t cover damage caused by floods (or earthquakes). You have to buy additional insurance to cover these natural disasters. In flood or hurricane-prone states (and earthquake-prone states), you must purchase this extra coverage.

However, auto insurance will pay for repairs or replacement of your car if you add these instances under your comprehensive coverage.

4.  Auto insurance covers you if a friend crashes your car

No doubt, some of you have let a friend borrow your car. Have you wondered who would pay if he or she gets in an accident? The answer is … your insurance pays. The claim goes on your record, too.

Always use caution when letting anyone drive your car, however. If the liability exceeds your limits, you could end up paying out of your own pocket. Plus, you could see a rate increase.

5.  Auto insurance covers falling objects (all falling objects)

There are obvious things that can fall on your car. A tree branch breaks off during a storm. Someone throws a rock off an overpass. Construction materials fall off of a truck. Your comprehensive coverage pays for damage from any falling object.

6.  Auto insurance covers damage from rodents

While also not likely, rodents like mice, chipmunks and squirrels do sometimes get inside the inner workings of cars, either building nests or simply to chew on electrical wires. Your comprehensive insurance will pay for damage done by animals.

7.  Auto insurance will pay to replace car seats

Child safety restraints are essential in order to protect children in the event of an accident. If a car seat is damaged in an accident, your collision coverage may pay to replace it. If the other driver is at fault, their liability insurance will cover the cost of replacement.

8.  Auto insurance covers damage to other people’s property

If you are at fault for an accident, your liability insurance will pay for damage to the other person’s property. By the same token, the other driver’s insurance will pay to replace your damaged items if he or she is at fault.

9.  Auto insurance covers damage from wildlife.

Insurance covers collisions with any animal in the road. Large animals (like deer) can actually cause a lot of damage to a car and even hitting a small animal can trigger an accident. Your comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs. The coverage doesn’t stop at collisions with animals, either. For instance, if a bear rips into your car to get at stored food, that damage may be covered, too.

Auto insurance is there to protect you in the event of an accident. Make sure you’re familiar with what your policy covers and decide if you need any additional coverage. Avante Insurance can help take care of all your auto insurance needs. Contact us today for a free quote.