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Anyone who’s in business today knows the importance of company culture. Without a positive workplace environment, workers are less likely to perform at their highest ability. In fact, employees with a high level of engagement score better with customers than those who are disinterested or burned out.

If you’re a small business owner who has noticed a recent slump in the office, or a lack of morale, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your company’s culture. Implementing just a few changes can have more of a positive impact than you might imagine.  1. Share your company mission and vision

Employees are more engaged when they feel that they are a part of the company’s mission. It’s a simple concept – understanding the goal, and the role of the worker to bring that goal to fruition, adds purpose and meaning to a worker’s responsibilities. To rev things up, make sure each member of your team is clear on what the vision is, where you expect the company to go in the next six months, and even where you see the organization in the next five years. It’s important for workers to know their part in the process and that they’re an integral part of making the magic happen.

 2. Create and embody core values

It may seem obvious, but it’s not enough to simply draft a list of core values like integrity, dependability, and community involvement. Rather than just being stated, company values should be exemplified throughout the office – in the actions and tasks of executives, interns, and everyone in between.

 3. Show appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. And while a lot of companies are good about recognizing big achievements, many forget to acknowledge a job well done. Organizations that say thank you to their workers experience higher employee satisfaction. Sending out thank you emails before the end of the day, giving a shout out in the morning meeting, or simply saying “good evening” to your team before they head home shows that you appreciate their contributions.

 4. Celebrate wins

Whether your team has broken a sales record, landed a new account, or received complimentary feedback from a client, acknowledging and celebrating wins validates the importance of your team members to the company. So have an office-wide luncheon, bake cupcakes for the team, or enjoy a casual Friday – celebrate and get everyone involved.

 5. Have fun

It doesn’t matter if you’re digging ditches or creating video games – work is what you make it. There are numerous ways to transform the office into a positive environment where your employees look forward to spending time. Consider implementing things like bagel and donut days, a ping-pong or foosball table in the break room, or treating the team to a long lunch once per week.

 6. Recognize and reward

Companies that have an employee recognition system in place experience higher levels of engagement. There are a variety of online programs available that include gamification, point systems, and rewards that recognize a job well done. Rewards don’t have to be expensive, just things that are deemed valuable to your team. And participating in a program inspires team members to work harder and even encourages friendly competition among peers.

 7. Ask for feedback

Looking to your crew for advice on improving office culture allows you to gain insight on workers’ wants and needs. It also lets people know that you value their opinion. Implementing an anonymous suggestion box (or an inter-office email), is a great way to solicit and receive feedback from employees.

When it comes to improving company culture, there are so many simple ways to make things more enjoyable and productive. Remember: the better your culture is, the happier your team will be.

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