Bundling your policies can bring your insurance company extra business– and leave you with some extra cash

If you’re like the average American, you have multiple insurance policies, including homeowners, auto, and life insurance, that can help protect you and your family from financial disaster. However, if you’re like most Americans, you might also be missing out on the savings you could get by consolidating all your insurance policies under one carrier. Doing so means you can qualify for serious insurance discounts– as well as simplifying and streamlining the entire claims, billing, and payment process, saving you and your family serious time and money.

Customers can often save the most by bundling car and homeowner’s insurance policies

While it’s true that many combinations of insurance policies can help policyholders save money, insurers traditionally offer the largest discount to customers who bundle their car and homeowner’s insurance policies. These are typically the largest and most important policies, so an insurer usually has the most to gain by getting a client to bundle these policies above all others. While car insurance and homeowner’s insurance will likely provide the largest savings, renters who have renter’s insurance may be able to get a lesser discount by bundling it with their car insurance policy.

Other firms may also give special discounts to customers who bundle car and homeowner’s insurance policies with life insurance. Additionally, customers may be able to get smaller discounts by bundling their boater’s insurance, RV insurance to their other, larger policies.

Always ask about discounts before switching insurers or buying a new insurance policy

If you currently have insurance policies with three or four different companies, it’s time to do your research– you’ll have to choose just one to qualify for the maximum discount. To figure out your best option, contact each of your insurance companies (as well as other top-rated or recommended firms) to see which one offers the most attractive deal. Don’t just choose the cheapest deal– make sure you’re getting quality, too. Among other things, it’s important to make sure your premiums aren’t too high, your policies offer a decent amount of coverage, and that any insurance companies you buy coverage from has a good reputation.

In addition to a regular group discount, you may be able to get an insurance discount on some of your policies before all of them switch to your new insurer. For example, if you plan to get all your policies from your new insurer within a certain time period, the insurer would allow you to enjoy a group discount based on all the policies you intend to purchase– including policies you haven’t started yet. For example, a company might allow you a three-policy discount on auto, life, and homeowner’s insurance, while still letting you finish out your current homeowner’s policy.

Do your research and think holistically when buying insurance policies for you and your family

When it comes to purchasing insurance policies for you and your family, it pays to think about the big picture. For example, while one insurer may have a better (or less expensive) auto insurance policy, if another insurer has a better deal for life, auto, and homeowner’s insurance, it often pays to go for the better group deal. If you’re purchasing multiple policies, it doesn’t matter if one is more expensive– if you’re saving money on all your policies as a whole– and consolidating each of your insurance policies under one insurer can help you do just that.

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