Ganderkesee Make sure you ask the right questions before you and your teen sign on the dotted line

While it’s something we’d like to think can never have to us, teenage drivers are three times more likely to be in a motor vehicle accident those of us over the age of 20.  Choosing the right car for your son or daughter is crucial for safety, security, and reliability, so it’s important to understand what to look for beyond the obvious. First and foremost:  ask your dealer all of the questions you might have—and don’t hold back!   Here are four important points you should cover before making a decision of which car to buy:

buy Aurogra oral Determine the horsepower of your vehicles

This might prove to be a tough sell to teenage boys, but there’s simply no rational reason to put a new driver behind a high horse power car. Ask the dealer about the pick up speed of all your prospects.  Since the size and weight of a car will affect how a car reacts to different horsepower, it’s difficult to identify a limit.  It may be smartest to play it safe and go with a lower horsepower and smaller cylinder option.  Not only will it trim down the cost of fuel and insurance, but you’ll probably sleep better at night. ESC doesn’t mean escape hatch 

…But, it might prevent the need for any such thing. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety asserts that electronic stability control is a must. The function prevents rollovers and lessens the possibility of losing control on turns so effectively that it’s estimated to save between 5,300 and 9,600  lives each year.

If the car you’re looking at is older than a 2012 model, be sure to verify that it comes equipped with ESC.

What are the safety ratings?

Safe sounds good, but ratings will help you determine if a vehicle is safe enough.   Check into the moderate overlap front ratings (in other words, the front crash rating), and, make sure that the car scored a minimum of four stars with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Research these numbers before even heading to the dealership so that you won’t be sleft taking the dealer’s word for it.

Airbags! Airbags! Airbags! 

Side impact airbags save lives.  And, in fact, side impact crashes are responsible for more fatalities than any other form of motor vehicle of crash.  Six airbags is considered a safe minimum, but obviously,  the more the better.

Luckily, even within these essential criteria, there are more exciting first-car options out there for your teen today than ever before. With the right research, there’s no doubt that you are your new driver will be able to agree on a safe, cool, and (hopefully) affordable option!

Oh, and while you’re car shopping, don’t forget about auto insurance! Choosing the right vehicle is only half of the job—implementing the correct auto insurance coverage is also an essential step in the process.

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