And what clutter can cost you.

Take a look around your office. If you had to honestly assess your level of organization, how would you rate it? If you’re less organized than you should be, it may be time to consider getting things in order. While many people go by “There’s a method to my madness”, the truth is, the less organized your workplace is, the more you increase your risks, decrease productivity, and impact your overall success.

Here’s a look at why organization is key for small businesses.

Time wasting disarray

If you find yourself missing scheduled appointments, loaded up with unread emails, and rummaging through paperwork to find the right files, it’s likely your wasting valuable time on these mundane tasks. Imagine how much more actual work you’d get done on a daily basis if you didn’t spend so much time sorting through all that disarray. It’s recommended that you take the time to get all your files in order, implement a spam filter on your email, and consider a program that can help you with scheduling (there are many inexpensive options available), so you never miss a beat or a money-making opportunity.

Clutter leads to chaos

Sometimes staying organized is a matter of convenience. Business people who have file cabinets across the building or printers down the hall often find themselves allowing documents to stack up on their desk rather than taking the time to put them where they should go. This causes clutter and results in lost or misplaced paperwork which causes chaos when the documents are needed.

If you’re office is not set up in the most efficient manner, take an hour or two to rethink it and figure out how you can make it easy to keep things where they need to go. Remember, chaos can lead to all kinds of issues and crises in the workplace which is something you definitely don’t need.

Clutter can also lead to injury

If your business includes a warehouse stocked with inventory or production materials, or your office is where you store anything, keeping it clutter-free is also key to preventing injuries. And preventing injuries is one sure way to mitigate your risks in the workplace. Assess the organization of your warehouse and if necessary, take some time to rearrange where and how items are stored. Remember that it’s important to make sure that all exits are easily accessible.

When it comes to being successful, a disorganized space can lead to lost opportunities, time wasting activity, and even danger to you and your team. Take a good hard look at your desk, your filing room, and your warehouse to ensure that you’re not inhibiting yourself with clutter and inefficient processes. You’ll not only feel better working in a more organized space and save time, you’ll be more productive and give your clients better service.  For other ways to mitigate risk in your business, touch base with us.