Google to Offer Auto Insurance?


Can consumers also trust Google with their Auto Insurance needs?

Consumers are already trusting Google with many of their basic-daily needs such as e-mail, news, marketing trends, documents storage, music, games, shopping, finances, maps and even money on the very new and controversial Google Wallet- and the new question is if consumers can also trust Google with their auto insurance needs! We’re going to go ahead and guess Google’s answer is: “Of course!”

The search-engine giant has entered the world of insurance and is now trying to help its customers with finding the best comparison rates when it comes to auto insurance. Public records indicate that Google is currently licensed to sell auto insurance in, at least, 26 states, and there are rumors of plans to launch the product in 4 states later this quarter: California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas.

While there is no confirmation from Google itself about operations in the U.S., they have already successfully launched a similar auto insurance product in the U.K.

A study conducted last year by Accenture insurance found that 67 percent of U.S. consumers would contemplate getting quotes and obtaining their auto insurance policies from different sources that are not traditional insurance companies, and 23 percent would consider buying online policies from service providers such as Google and Amazon.

Therefore, will Google respond to such a high demand of consumers who would trust car insurance comparisons from them? Is the car insurance business taking a new direction towards this large corporation that has successfully conquered many other aspects of our lives? Or, will you continue to trust the experienced and traditional insurance companies instead?

We already trust Google with so many important aspects of our lives, so it will be interesting to see how their involvement with car insurance will play out with consumers- though it seems like a good amount of people are willing to at least try Google out. Remember, the best way to protect yourself is by ensuring that understand your auto insurance policies so you know if you’re protected and getting the coverage you need. Click here to learn more about auto insurance and protect yourself today!