3 types you want, 3 types you want to avoid, and 3 types you need to quarantine

When it comes to casting a reality show, producers know conflict is a ratings winner. That’s why they often put together a strong group of characters, with that one character who specifically likes to stir the pot.

The same, though, isn’t true for business. In a professional work environment, certain personality types deserve a place, while others should be avoided like the plague. Despite best efforts, one or two undesirables slip through the hiring process—and their presence can unleash a barrage of legal, financial, and morale headaches.

The good

When building your business, look out for these superhero personality characteristics during the hiring process:

• The leader: As good as your team’s talent may be, it takes a special kind of person to harness and manage the specific type of talent that will generate positive results.

• The problem solver/strategist: It’s always good to have someone around who can think outside the box, understand complex topics, and develop plans for achieving optimal results.

• The all-in-one: If you’re fortunate enough to meet a candidate like this—the unicorn of the workforce—snatch him or her up quickly! This is the person who incorporates many of the best personality traits among employees.

The bad

Then there’s the bad: now these candidates aren’t the absolute worst to work with, and often they can bring positive aspects to your team. However, those who create conflict, hindrances, and disrupt the overall workflow and/or atmosphere are probably best being avoided:

• The drama queen: If there’s a conflict, any conflict among staff members, peel back the layers and there’s a good chance the drama queen is sitting in the middle. This person loves to complain, elaborate, and, as mentioned above, stir the pot.

• The victim: No matter the mistake, there’s always that one person who is quick to place blame on everyone except the one person who deserves it.

• The no-change agent: Companies need to be innovative if they want to keep up in a changing world, but a rebel against change is content to do things they way they’ve always been done, and will work tirelessly and passive-aggressively to maintain the status quo.

The ugly

If the word quarantine didn’t give you enough of an idea, take this chance to realize that these employees should be avoided at all costs:

• The manipulator: Most people know manipulators because, all too often, there’s one in every family and circle of friends. Rather than using their people skills for good, they use them to satisfy a hidden agenda at the expense of others.

• The twisted: It’s one thing to be toxic, it’s quite another thing to gain satisfaction from that toxicity. That’s twisted.

• The arrogant: According to Forbes, a recent study found that arrogant people are to blame for a long list of workplace problems. They tend to be more disagreeable, lower performers, and a constant thorn in peoples’ sides.

Good choices = good work

This is just a brief list of the personality traits looking for employment. With an astute eye, it’s easy to pick up on the toxic ones and cherish the good ones.

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