Avante Insurance is proud to announce that our very own Gaby Dominguez presented at the “Essentials for First Time Homebuyers” workshop.

“Essentials for First Time Homebuyers” took place on June 14th, 2014 and was hosted by Centro Campesino Farmworker Center, Inc. (CCFC). Gaby presented an hour long seminar on “Insuring Your Home” in her native Spanish language, and Avante Insurance, along with TotalBank and Veterans Elite Realty, donated breakfast, lunch, and refreshments for the workshop.

CCFC was formed in 1972 to address the deplorable housing conditions faced by farmworkers and other low-income families in South Florida, and has evolved into a multi-service agency serving clients in South and Central Florida. Over 90% of people receiving benefits through their programs are minorities and CCFC has operated continuously for 42 years with a dedication to community building, economic development, affordable housing and free educational programs for people of all ages.
“Essentials of First Time Homebuyers” is a comprehensive eight hour course that prepares renters to make the transition to homeownership. The course informs on: types of financing available, how to obtain a mortgage, first-time homebuyer subsidy programs, fair housing practices, how to create and manage a budget, shopping for a home, selecting a neighborhood, home inspection, tax benefits of being a homeowner, closing process, post-ownership, home maintenance and repairs.
The workshop was a huge success and the presenters’ positive reinforcement and willingness to educate community members about homeownership were illustrated by the class participation and feedback surveys. Everyone at Avante Insurance is so proud of Gaby and all the contributions she makes to the South Florida community, and we are so excited that she was able to be an essential part of the “Essentials for First Time Homebuyers” workshop. We’d like to send a special thanks to all the other presenters and the CCFC for putting on a wonderful workshop to educate renters that are making the transition to homeownership.