Have you ever had to show your auto insurance just to realize you don’t have it with you? We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that” and in this day and age, it’s no surprise that more and more places are accepting electronic forms of payment, tickets, loyalty cards and now proof of insurance.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott approved a measure which allows Florida motorists to show proof of their car insurance on their electronic devices and it’s as easy as downloading an app. The app allows users to display a digital copy of their insurance card on their cell phone, tablet or other device when pulled over by police.
According to Florida Uniform Traffic Citation Statistics, motorists were ticketed 326,168 times last year for driving without proof of insurance, but of those, nearly 77% (250,651) were dismissed when drivers were later able to prove they had coverage.

The time for shuffling through your glove compartment is over. Some of us don’t always have our insurance cards with us, but most of us always have our phone. Do you think you’ll adopt this new technology and leave the auto insurance card at home?
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