Driverless Cars May Be Closer Than You Think

buy Seroquel c o d Driverless cars have been more than just an idea for some time now, but the reality of being able to buy a car that drives itself is finally almost upon us. Anyone who has driven themselves to work has imagined being able to just sit back and relax while the vehicle takes you where you need to go, and while we aren’t quite there yet, the technology has gotten pretty close, especially over the past couple years.
Nissan Motor Company announced that it will introduce cars that park themselves by 2016, and they have plans to offer cars that can automatically change lanes and handle intersections by 2020. Nissan may be one of the first players in the game, but they are certainly not the only ones who have looked to the future and to driverless cars.

General Motors Corporation plans to have cars with the ability to drive on controlled-access highways by 2020 and Daimler has hopes to introduce trucks that accelerate, steer, and brake on their own as soon as 2025.
Technology company Google has also been working on driverless technology and plans to put at least 100 cars in trial that have 2 seats, a top speed of 25mph and no steering wheels or accelerator and brake pedals, though they haven’t said if they would be sold.
With such high hopes for the future of driverless cars and the reality of cars that already have park assist technology, it will be interesting to note how it affects insurance rates, commute times and general transportation, as well as which companies will be the first to market. We are on the verge of the future we’ve all dreamed about and our lives may see it happen soon enough.