Speed up recovery time and get them back in the game as soon as possible.

Accidents happen. It’s a fact of life and business. But when you have Worker’s Compensation insurance, you can rest assured that your employees are going to be well-cared for and that their medical expenses will be taken care of. This means a lot, especially when you have a tight-knit team that can be emotionally and physically affected by the injury or illness of a co-worker. But did you know that beyond worker’s comp, there are ways you can assist your employee during their recuperation and even help them get back to work sooner?

Rānībennur Return-to-work programs

Depending on what industry you are in, an injured employee may not be able to report back to work as quickly as they (or you) would like to. Fields that require manual labor or strenuous activity as part of the job, for example, may necessitate a longer than usual absence. But many companies are now offering an alternative, that allows the employee to ease back into working while getting paid by lending them out to local non-profits. For those companies that don’t have the ability to offer light-duty work, this option is not only practical, it’s beneficial for everyone.

Benefits for everyone

The way it works is that when your employee is recovering and strong enough to take on light work, they volunteer their services to a non-profit organization you are connected with (or their choice which is entirely up to you and your employee). They are able to get back into the work routine, provide much-needed help to a worthy cause, and continue to get paid while they recover. This benefits you because it helps your employee feel needed and useful which boosts morale, which can be invaluable when someone is down and out from an illness or injury. And of course, it feels great to give back to your community.

How worker’s comp can help

It’s illegal in most states not to have Worker’s Compensation insurance, so make sure you are adequately covered. The good news is that your worker’s comp policy will cover most of the costs involved in an alternative return-to-work solution. Check your policy to be sure but in most cases, you will have coverage for:

  • Medical bills
  • Emergency room, surgeries, and medications
  • Disability and wage replacement (paying wages during temporary or permanent disability)
  • Death benefits (support for employee’s dependents in the event of their work-related death)

Offering an injured employee the opportunity to get back to work slowly and safely is a great option when your company cannot offer non-strenuous or labor intensive assignments. To find out more about worker’s comp policies or any other work-related insurance products, give us a call. We can custom-tailor a solution to ideally suit your business.