Don’t Get Mugged: 10 Tips on Personal Protection


Don’t Get Mugged: 10 Tips on Personal Protection on

Put your phone away, trust your instincts, and more ways to stay safe

In a perfect world, we’d be able to go where we wanted, at any time, without having to worry about anything. Unfortunately, in many places around the U.S. that’s more of a dream than a reality. This is why we all need to stay vigilant in order to remain safe. These tips will help you avoid being mugged:

Stay in touch

You should never go anywhere without a friend or family member knowing where you’re headed and approximately when you’ll be there.

Go in groups

There’s a lot of truth to the old “safety in numbers” sentiment, and if possible you should travel with at least one other person.

Don’t text and walk

First of all, this is a great way to hurt yourself by walking into a telephone pole or in front of a car. Texting also prevents you from being aware of what’s happening around you. Plus, phones and other devices are easily snatched.

Avoid the dark

Because many muggings happen at night, you should do your best to stay in well-lit areas and avoid alleys and other less-populated spots.

Be confident

Often criminals pick targets that seem nervous or unsure. If you walk at a steady pace with your head up, you won’t look like an easy victim.

Don’t wear headphones

Because you need to be aware of what’s going on, it’s important to have all of your senses working well. Headphones – or earbuds – immediately take hearing out of the equation, which could allow someone to sneak up on you.

Get your keys ready

Because it can take a while to get into your car – especially if you have to dig around in a purse for your keys – you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. Have your keys in your hand as you approach your car, which offers two benefits: a quicker entry and a weapon, if need be.

Have a plan

If you do encounter a mugger, would you know how to react? It’s always a good idea to have a plan, which could involve running, yelling, or maybe ducking into a store or other business.

Trust your gut

You may not realize it, but you’ve got a built-in spidey sense, and you don’t have to be a superhero to use it. If something feels wrong, you’ll probably know it, and you should do what you can to get away from the situation.

Stay alert

The best way to prevent a dangerous situation is to be alert and mindful of what’s around you. You should always be cognizant of your surroundings, which can go a long way to recognizing trouble before it affects you.

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