Decreasing the Outcome of Damages from Cyber-Attacks


In a recent blog, we shared with you
President’s Obama plans to help decrease the outcome of damages from Cyber-attacks and
his proposal while he addressed the State of the Union in January 20, 2015.

As part of the outcome of his
proposal, President Barack Obama is making his rounds urging executives to
cooperate more against cyber-attacks, and the private sector is now to make a
decision on their position to join forces with government. The needed and
expected center will come in to be part of this anti-hackers movement. The new
Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center or for short (CTIIC) has been
formed and will conduct operations from the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence, which in turn classifies intelligence undertakings between
bureaus and counsels the president.

Company bureaucrats’ fear nowadays due to the cyber-attacks that are becoming a
game of musical chairs: no one knows when they will be next. After Target,
Sony, and JP Morgan experienced a wake-up-call of unspeakable data breaches, no
one wants to be caught in this type of situation. Therefore, will the CTIIC
accomplish its goals? What are the agency’s objectives?

The CTIIC is a $35 million cyber nucleus whose intentions are to improve
coordination between intelligence government agencies to protect against hacks
like those that devastated Sony Pictures. It is a situational awareness, incident
response, and management center that is a national nexus of cyber and
communications integrations for the Federal Government, intelligence community
and law enforcement.

While the cyber threat is real, and CTIIC is designed to “connect the dots”
amongst cyber threats against the United States, there are currently existing
organizations that should complete this task. Such as the National Cyber
security and communications Integration Center (NCCIC), a department within the
Department of Homeland Security, among others. Thus, what makes the CTIIC so

At the moment, there is no government body that is responsible for creating
correlative cyber threat assessments that assures data is shared quickly
amongst existing cyber centers, backing the work of policymakers and operators
with appropriate intelligence concerning the newest cyber threats and threat
performers. These are the shoes that the CTIIC is meant to fill.

The formation of a central agency to chew-over cyber threats and synchronize
tactics to confront them is not something new. However, the threats have turned
into a monster, and a super-agency is required to slay the dragon. It’s a
catch-22 situation. The very ones that carry out the cyber threats are those
that are needed to counteract them! It boils down to a matter of trust.

According to White House counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco, “the actions
carried out today and those missed will decide whether cyberspace continues to
be a phenomenal national positive feature or gradually becomes a tactical
responsibility, a financial and national security super-power, or a source of

In addition, according to the Washington Post reports, the latest strategy is
to some extent inspired by the National Counterterrorism Center formed
following 9/11 to synchronize terrorism linked intelligence from various

The U.S. President’s State of the Union address of 2015 pushed for Congress to
accept legislation deemed imperative in order to be more equipped to stand-up
to the advancing threats of cyber-attacks, combat identity-theft, and safeguard
children’s data.

CTIIC should be able to rounding-up threat signatures and assemble hacker
groups as a vital factor of gathering cyber intelligence, a duty performed by
private companies and government agencies, separately until now.


In the latest Associated Press-GfK poll, 57% of Americans believe that there is
a very real possibility or a fairly good chance that a terrorist group or
foreign country will make a terrorizing cyber-attack on computers within
American borders. That is more than the 50% who believe that the danger of a
terrorist attack is moderately or exceptionally high.

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