Really make it your new home away from home

The most exciting year of your life is about to begin; new friends, new campus, nearly unlimited freedom and possibly a new city, state, or country. If you haven’t already moved in, you’ll soon have a (tiny) new place to call your own – your first college dorm. Follow these simple tips to make your room feel like a second home and a place to make memories that will last a lifetime.

 1. Rearrange the furniture

Simply moving beds, tables, and dressers into new locations will make your dorm seem more spacious. You may be bringing your own furniture – additional chairs, lamps, and a bedside table, so your dorm’s original layout may require some rearranging to incorporate all of your furnishings. Plus, you can often free up extra floor space by putting your dresser in your closet or under a lofted bed. If it fits, of course.

 2. Make your mattress multipurpose

If your dorm is as small as most, the bed (or beds) will occupy a large portion of available space. Adding a few throw pillows and a comfy blanket to the mattress top will do the trick of transforming your bed into a couch. Of course, you’ll have to make the bed first – a daunting task, but a worthy one indeed.

 3. Bean bag chairs

One of the best types of seating for a dorm room (or for anywhere, really) is a bean bag chair. They’re so comfy that you might just get lost in one. They’re a cozy addition to any dorm, but may not be the best place to pull a marathon study session for your first biology exam (*insert naptime here*).

 4. Lava lamps

Lava Lamps were a big hit in the 80s – but they’re making a steady comeback. Turn the lights off, put some music on, and unwind with the groovy multi-colored lights. That isn’t real lava in there, is it? You can even turn this one into a roommate-bonding project by making lava lamps DIY.

 5. Posters

Posters and wall decor may seem cliché, but having something on your walls really does make a room seem more like home. If you want to really be unique, ditch the Bob Marley poster and aim for decals featuring classic art or obscure bands. Of course, if you have real pieces of artwork you might want to put them up too, but keep in mind that nothing in a dorm room is guaranteed to last the year.

 6. Tapestries

Colorful fabrics with exciting designs are all the rage when it comes to decorating dorm rooms these days. Hang it on the wall or even on the ceiling (if your dorm’s fire code permits).

 7. Rugs

Bare wood, tile, or carpet just aren’t inviting, and nothing says home like a nice rug. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to keep your feet warm and prevent your room from resembling a jail cell.

No matter how you decorate your dorm, make it your own! Nothing says “Welcome!” like a nicely-decorated dorm – so, work hard, be safe, and make the best freshman year living space possible.

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