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Avante Insurance was established over 35 years ago and today we set ourselves uniquely apart in the Insurance Industry. This success would not be possible without a dedicated team of individuals committed to the passion, integrity and experience that are the foundations of our organization. At Avante Insurance, we strive to create an environment of endless possibilities to ensure an exceptional and fulfilling experience for all. We welcome your ideas and encourage open communication. The following attributes are the Attributes of an Avante Ambassador.

Integrity – Hiding nothing, being truthful and honest, working from an empowering context, not cutting corners, doing it as it was meant to be done or better, doing very well what you do, doing complete work, honoring one’s word, doing what you know to do or saying when you’re not doing it as soon as you know, doing what others could expect you to do, doing what you said you would do – on time.

Team Player – Individually and as a team, we share a deep respect for family, integrity, loyalty and the entrepreneurial spirit. We take great pride in our ability to enhance our strength by working in diverse teams that effortlessly unite us as one. Our cooperative teams are key to our success.

Exceptional Customer Care – We listen to what is important to our customers, ensuring that they receive at every opportunity a fulfilling experience that creates peace of mind and builds enduring relationships.

Leadership – Being responsible for your growth and development and bringing authenticity to the conversational environment. Restoring integrity and demonstrating being an owner of the Avante future.

High Performance – Pioneers of a new culture committed to the realization of unprecedented results. Our teams are dedicated to mastery in an efficient and effective work practice.

Ambassador – Empowerment is fundamental through our unity, ambition and dedication. Passionately and wholeheartedly, we establish trusting and caring relationships through which our customers and company partners feel valued, appreciated and confident in our expertise. We are role models in our communities.

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