Find out what could be included in the fine print

Before you agree to anything, it’s always a good idea to know what it is you’re agreeing to. This is especially true when it comes to signing a contract or any sort of document. It may be several pages long, but it’s important to read it, so you know what you are responsible for.

The other reason to always read the fine print is that you may discover things you didn’t know about. Health insurance is a great example of this. Whether you have a privacy policy or one through your employer, it is very possible it contains these benefits:


The healthier you are, the better this is for your insurance company. This is why they may offer discounts on gym memberships, smoking cessation courses, or even stress management programs.

“Carriers want people to take better care of themselves because it costs them money when they don’t,” says Jamie Charlton, a health-benefits specialist. “So they are promoting benefits such as health coaches who help you quit smoking or manage stress.”


While your health insurance probably won’t cover any sort of cosmetic surgery, it may cover others. These could include procedures related to weight loss and breast reduction or even laser eye surgery.

Family planning

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, your insurance may help you out with some of the expenses. You may be able to get a certain amount of coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment, including in vitro fertilization. And when that bundle of joy does arrive, your health insurance may cover most of the costs of a breast pump. If babies aren’t yet on the table, you might also be able to get some coverage for birth control.

Mental health

The mind doesn’t always get the same attention as the body when it comes to health insurance, but that’s starting to change, thanks in part to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. Now some health insurance is required to provide coverage for conditions like autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Disease management

If you have a chronic disease – such as diabetes or asthma – you need to find out if disease management is part of your plan. Diabetics may be eligible for things like a nutrition counseling session, nurse consultations, or even a blood-monitoring program. Because this part of an insurance plan often isn’t advertised, “it’s incumbent upon the member to inquire whether there is a disease management program,” says Nancy Fase Guernon, director of a health-care advocacy outsourcing company.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

With alternative treatments like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage therapy becoming more popular, a lot of health insurance policies are starting to include them. Often, however, these treatments do come with higher deductibles, or they might require buying a separate rider.

If it has been a while since you took a look at your health insurance policy, think about giving it a glance. It’s possible there are some good things in there that could be very helpful to you. After all, you’re paying for it, so why not use it to its fullest potential? The other thing to look at is how much you’re paying for your policy. If you signed up for it a while ago, it’s probably time to shop around to see if you can get better rates. For a quick and free quote, contact Avante Insurance at 305-648-7070 or through our online form.