The tree is still up and the gifts are still there, now let’s keep it that way

If you thought your holiday burglary risks were over after Christmas, think again. New Year’s Eve may actually even be a more popular time for theft and burglaries. Come New Years Eve, thieves know that every home is filled with newly opened gifts; plus, they don’t have to worry about guessing games when it comes to choosing the priciest loot—everything is right out in the open.

Be sure to burglar-proof your home before you ring in the New Year.

Prepare ahead of time

On New Year’s Eve, the most common burglaries take place in areas and homes that are not populated. A thief is much more likely to jimmy the window of a home where the residents are out at a party and the neighbors are cooped up inside, not paying attention.

If you plan to be away from your home this New Year’s Eve, be sure to arm your home with a security and alarm system. Take the proper steps to safeguard your property to prevent any unwanted intrusions.

Put your belongings away

In the week following Christmas, new gifts and goodies are oftentimes left out in family rooms and communal areas. Don’t be careless about your new gadgets and prized belongings. Rather than leaving things out or under the tree (if it’s still up), put them away before leaving the home or going to bed. Boxes for new TVs and other expensive items should be broken down and stuffed into a recycle bin, rather than just set at the curb. Leaving things out, whether that means that they are visible through the window or by leaving the box at the curb is like laying a welcome mat for burglars.

Don’t share your plans with Facebook

Although this rule applies all 365 days of the year, it’s best not to announce to the world that you will be vacationing on New Year’s Eve. Don’t share your party plans via social media, as that is a dead giveaway for all of your followers and friends that your home will be unattended.

Post pictures after 2017 has arrived—we promise that you’ll get the same amount of likes either way.

Despite covering all these bases, you still might find yourself face to face with trouble as you ring in the New Year.  And, to be safe, it’s smart to check in with your insurer.  If you’ve had your policy for several years, your assets might have outgrown your coverage.  Avante’s expert staff is on hand to help make sure your policy covers the full cost of rebuilding your home at today’s cost, including replacing your valuables, so you can start the New Year knowing we’ve got your back.