Be sure everybody has a merry time with these tips

Tis the season for cooler temperatures, department store Santas, and of course, office holiday parties. While these shindigs can often be a fun way to blow off some steam and talk to co-workers about things not related to copier paper jams and sales projections, they can also be a potential powder keg.

Even if it doesn’t get as wild as what you may have seen on TV or in the movies, an office party can cause some serious ramifications. If you will be putting together the party this year – or it’s your name on the company letterhead – you’ll want to heed these tips so you don’t end up with a lawsuit under your tree.

Have an alcohol plan

Perhaps the number one thing that can derail any party is when guests do a little too much imbibing. If you are planning to serve alcohol, you need a strategy. This could involve:

– Forgetting the hard stuff and only offering wine and beer

– Hiring a professional bartender who can monitor how much people are drinking and cut off those who’ve had too much

– Ensuring at least somebody – preferably someone in management – doesn’t drink so they can stay on top of things

– Keeping food near the drinks so people fill up on more than just booze

– Ending bar service early, at least an hour or so before the party ends

– Having a way to get people home, such as with designated drivers or a taxi or ride-sharing service

Prevent any frisky business

When ties are loosened and a cocktail or two has been thrown back, it can be easy for employees to forget that they are not at a regular party. And just because it’s after hours doesn’t mean harassment policies don’t apply. While you probably won’t be able to stop people from getting grabby, you can encourage them to be on their best behavior by:

– Inviting significant others to help remind folks that they’re not single

– Limiting outside guests to people you know and are familiar with

– Doing your best to ensure people don’t drink too much

Take a look at your insurance policies before the festivities

You may have the best gosh darn employees, but you just never know what could happen at an outside-of-work gathering. This is why it’s always best to be prepared, and you can do this by checking out your insurance coverage. General liability and employment practices liability can help keep your business protected in the event of a lawsuit. If you don’t have these policies or you want to increase your coverage, contact Avante Insurance for a free quote. Call us at 305-648-7070 or just fill out our online form.