Avante Insurance Group hired executive business coach Kelly Townsend from Townsend Consulting Group when they wanted to take their business to the next level. Just as a professional athletes have coaches to constantly get better, Avante knew an executive business coach would be instrumental to empowering employees to excel in the organization.
The Avante culture is all about continually asking ourselves: how can we do better? how can we provide more value? and how can we make a lasting and valuable difference to our clients and employees? In order to grow beyond what even we thought was possible, Avante chose to bring in highly recommended executive coach Kelly Townsend. Kelly and her team meet with Avante weekly to help discover new ways of thinking and acting that lead to dramatic results.

“Having an on-site coach is a huge benefit to Avante as a business and to each individual team member. It creates an environment of full self expression where anything is possible which allows us to deliver extraordinary results for our clients,” says Gaby Dominguez, CEO of Avante Insurance.
“One of the first things we did as a team was create a powerful company charter which every employee reads every day. This charter serves as our promise to each other and our clients. If anything gets in the way of us being able to fulfill on it, we deal with it quickly and powerfully. We’ve seen dramatic improvements in our company culture and performance and look forward to creating new, exciting possibilities for our future.”
To read the Avante Company Charter, https://www.avanteinsurance.com/ click here.