Leading South Florida Independent Insurance Agency, Avante Insurance, is delighted to announce the launch of its new website www.03cb0d5.netsolhost.com/avante . The new website will be a valuable resource to clients and prospects wanting to educate themselves about personal and business insurance solutions as well as stay up to date on changes in the industry.
The new site will provide a rich user experience. The design of the site along with the navigation is meant to be simple and provide a great customer experience. The main purpose of the site is to provide valuable content that visitors are interested in. A valuable outcome of the whole web design process was a new positioning statement for Avante Insurance…Always Standing By.

This positioning statement reflects how we want every customer to feel about our team. We are always here no matter what your needs are. At Avante, we are always standing by.
There is a blog which we will be adding new, relevant content to on a frequent basis about key issues our clients are facing. We will also be integrating this into our social media.
CEO of Avante Insurance, Gaby Dominguez, commented on the launch of the new website: “This launch marks a new chapter in the Avante Insurance story. We’ve seen great success in the past, but we’re not afraid to embrace change. The way customers and prospects communicate has evolved dramatically in recent years, and it is important that we use the latest technology and communication tools to change with it. I’m hugely excited about this launch of our new website and social media and I’m looking forward to connecting with more individuals and businesses in our community to continue to build upon our past success.”
For more information about Avante Insurance, visit the website https://www.avanteinsurance.com/ here.