These policies will ensure you have maximum protection

If you’re a brand-new homeowner, congratulations! Buying a home is one of the best investments you can make, and in order to protect this investment, you’ve probably signed up for homeowners insurance. But are you sure it’s providing you with the best coverage? Before you tuck that policy into a drawer and forget about it, here is some supplemental coverage you may want to think about:


What would happen if your home suffered damaged or was destroyed by a flood? If you only have that basic homeowner’s policy, you’re severely out of luck. If you are in a designated flood zone, a supplemental flood policy is essential. But even if you’re not, you may want to think about getting one just to be on the safe side.


Earthquakes in South Florida are pretty rare, but they do happen. And if you’re somebody who likes to prepare for any emergency, you may want to consider an earthquake insurance policy. It covers the repair or replacement of anything that breaks, including your home’s structure.


While we may not get a lot of earthquakes, sinkholes in Florida are fairly common. And because they can strike without warning at any time, you need to know that your home is protected. A sinkhole insurance policy will keep you covered.

Sewer backup

It’s kind of gross to think about, but sewer backups happen pretty often, especially if we get a lot of rain. And while a standard homeowner’s policy does provide some coverage for water damage if, for example, it was related to broken pipes, sewer backup probably won’t be covered.

High-value items

To be clear, a homeowner’s policy does cover items if they are damaged or stolen, but you may only get a couple thousand dollars. If you have things like jewelry, antiques, electronics, or even a valuable baseball care collection, you need to make sure you’ll be compensated in the event of a loss. Supplemental insurance is the best way to cover your expensive possessions.


An umbrella policy is an excellent way to supplement your homeowner’s insurance. Right now, your policy may offer you a liability limit of $250,000. If a friend, guest, or even a plumber got injured in your home and the medical bills, loss of income, etc. totaled more than that, you’d be on the hook to pay the difference. If you’ve got an umbrella policy for $1 million or more, this would keep you covered for any type of event.

Animal liability

Want to take a guess how many dog bites are reported every year? We won’t keep you in suspense: According to the CDC, it’s about 4.5 million. And while the majority of those aren’t serious, many are severe and even fatal. If you have a dog that is more likely to bite, animal liability insurance will cover the expenses related to the incident. Just make sure you’re honest with your insurance company about the kind of pooch you own.

Law & Ordinance

Law & Ordinance insurance is a good idea for older homes. If your house suffered damage from a storm or something else, it’s possible you’ll have a difficult time meeting code requirements when rebuilding. This is because it is likely that since your home was built, these requirements have changed. A Law & Ordinance policy will cover the costs of making the repairs and upgrades to meet the new codes.

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