Are you the Prada-wearing devil?

Strong company culture is one of the biggest components of success in the business world today.  Yet there are many organizations out there that can’t seem to get it right—or worse, they unknowingly have an atmosphere that their employees deem as soul sucking. If you haven’t been feeling the love lately, it is likely there’s something causing your company’s culture to tank.

 1. You’re insanely busy

Although it’s good to have so much business that your days are occupied with important work, if you’re so busy that you’re bordering on frantic, this could be causing a culture crash. If you’re spending your entire day behind closed office doors, you’re not interacting with your team. Engaging with your employees is crucial and helps everyone stay on the same page. So really strive to free up some of your time to huddle with the masses on a daily basis.

 2. Do as I say, not as I do

Leaders who adopt this attitude are the worst offenders of neglecting core company values. Showing off your mission and values on a poster by the water cooler is great, but if the head honcho isn’t dancing the dance, who will? Setting a good example and embracing the behaviors you expect from workers is necessary for fostering a strong culture. So get with the program and stop taking two hour lunches—or better yet, take your team out for a meal together.

 3. They’re not clairvoyant

Many business owners believe that their employees should know exactly what the company mission is. Just like personal relationships, there’s no way for your workers to know unless you actually clue them in. A clearly defined value statement will help, as will communicating it on a consistent basis. Many successful businesses showcase one value each week (or month) and recognize those workers who are exemplifying that specific value with special rewards.

 4. It’s your way or the highway

If your ideas and ways of doing things are the only acceptable method, well then something is seriously wrong. If you’re that guy (or gal), it’s time to get off that high horse and break up your one-man-band. There’s a reason you brought these people onboard, and unless you show that you trust and value their efforts, you’re going to drive them away.

 5. You couldn’t care less about the mess

If you have boxes of outdated files piled up in the hallways, you’re not just untidy—you’ve stopped caring. And if you don’t care, why should your team? Taking small steps, like updating the break room, painting the walls, or hiring a cleaning service is a good way to rise out of the dump and your culture slump.

Company culture can make or break an organization no matter how big or small. If you’ve noticed the office philosophy taking a dive, reevaluate the way business is run on your end of the stick and see if there is room for improvement.

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