If any of these common things happen, you’ll be happy it’s included in your policy

Qal‘at Bīshah What if?

This partial question is basically the genesis of the insurance industry. Life is wildly unpredictable, and you just never know what can happen. Good insurance coverage can go a long way to protecting you from so many of those “what ifs.”

If you own a home, most likely you have homeowner’s insurance. (If you have a mortgage, almost certainly your lender made it mandatory). And as you probably know, this will keep you covered in the event of a calamity like a fire or break-in. But there is also a liability component that you may not know about that covers an assortment of other things, including:

Slips and falls

Thousands of people every year are injured in homes, and falls are the number one culprit. It would be bad enough if you or a family member fell and got hurt, but what about a visitor? This could put you at risk for a lawsuit. Not only does your homeowner’s policy protect you from incidents inside your home, your entire property is covered.

Dog Bites

You know the first thing most people say after their dog bites somebody? “Wow, that’s the first time Rover ever did that!” You may have the sweetest pooch in the world, but you just never know what will set them off. With that being said, some insurance carriers won’t provide homeowner’s coverage because of certain dogs – like pit bulls – or premiums may be much higher.

Tree damage

Many of us saw or experienced first hand the destruction caused by last year’s hurricanes. As per usual with these storms, much of the harm was caused by flying debris, including tree limbs. But even when the weather is great, branches on old or dead trees can fall off, and if there’s a house or car (or person) below, the result could be thousands of dollars in damages.

Injured workers

If you are like many homeowners, you hire a fair amount of people to work on your home. This could include landscapers, cleaners, roofers, or other contractors. And because they often work with potentially dangerous tools or machinery, this puts them at risk for injuries. While companies are required to provide worker’s compensation insurance for their employees, many people who work independently don’t have it. The liability insurance included in your homeowner’s policy offers a valuable safeguard.

Drunk guests

Do you host a lot of parties at your home? With backyard barbecue season around the corner, this may mean you’re already thinking about some new burger recipes to try out this year or what beers to have on hand. And it’s this latter item that concerns your home insurance. If one of your guests ends up having a few too many, drives home, and gets in an accident, you could be liable for the damage. But again, your homeowner’s insurance offers you some security.

While your homeowner’s insurance will protect you from these incidents, it is still important that you have the right coverage amounts. If it has been a while since you looked at your policy, think about giving it a good review. This will let you see exactly what it covers. Plus, this also allows you an excellent opportunity to shop around to find out what other carriers offer and how much money you may be able to save. For a free quote from Avante Insurance, contact us.